dv => mpeg2 

dvgrab capture_20060604.dv
ffmpeg -i capture_20060604.dv  -target pal-dvd capture_20060604.mpeg

more ... http://womble.decadent.org.uk/talks/dvd-ukuug06/dvd-talk-ukuug06-paper.html

mkv => avi: change container 

/opt/mplayer/bin/mencoder infile.mkv -oac copy -ovc copy -o outfile.avi

or using mkvtoolnix

  1. MKV is a container, to see what the file contains:
$ mkvinfo movie.mkv

|+ Segment tracks
| + Track number: 1
+ Track type: video
  1. select the numbers of the trucks you want to extract and type:
    $ mkvextract tracks "/mnt/common/Film/movie.mkv" 1:/mnt/common/Film/video.h264 2:/mnt/common/Film/audio.aac
  1. Let's put all toghether:
$ mencoder -audiofile video.aac -oac copy -ovc copy audio.h264 [-of mpeg]  -o movie_complete.mpg


$ ffmpeg -i video.h264 -i audio.aac -map 0.0:0 -map 1.0:0 -acodec copy -vcodec copy -r 23.976 -f vob video.mpg