Hi Anupam,

I know I have sent an email appreciation about the great works
that Dmitry has done earlier.

But I can't help to send out another one, after all that Dmitry
has done for this case during the last few months that have

Today, we received from TheCustomer that the performance issue
is resolved, and I thought I will pass this great news around.

On behalf of Java support team, we really want to extend our
appreciation to Dmitry for his technical excellence in troubleshooting this
subtle and challenging issue, his enormous help in assisting the customer,
and his availability round the clock - 24x7 all days of the week.
Most importantly, he helped to save this customer account.

In addition it has been a great privilege for myself to have worked with Dmitry.

Thank you,

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Subject:  TheCustomer Performance issue
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All, I just wanted to let you know that I have informed TheCustomer’s senior management team that this item has now been resolved in production.

I would like to sincerely thank you all for your dedication and technical ability that has made this happen. This was truly a tough issue to resolve, with lots of different players, but we managed to get to the bottom of the issue with our teamwork.

On behalf of TheCustomer, many thanks and we appreciate your valued partnership.
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VP of Business Systems